Ranks of the Unemployed

I just added a new mix to 8tracks, and awesome site where you can just tell it a number of songs to play in whatever order you choose, and then people listen to the mix. They can rate it, send feedback, or whatever else.

I think the term “mixologist” used to just be for bartenders. Now, of course, we believe differently.

There are a few other mixes of mine that you can access through my profile on the site, if you so choose. This newest one I made to accompany job hunting and the tedious task of filling out applications. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, and some good music really helps.


Ranks of the Unemployed

Still the best band at warp speed?

There are many, many crazy people in this world. In some, their brand of ‘crazy’ manifests itself as genius.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the following internet gem is genius, but it certainly is innovative and imaginative. This is a mash-up of 12 Beatles albums (the UK releases), played chronologically at 800x their normal speed. It takes an hour to get through them all and, yes, I did listen to the whole thing.

What can I say? It was tempting. It’s the Beatles! And as some people in my life know, I’m hardcore dedicated to the band and all trivia associated with them. So, I had to listen.

I ate lunch, painted my nails, followed along in iTunes, and experienced this weirdness.

The first few albums were extremely difficult to get through. The songs aren’t really distinguishable and they all just sound like generic… well, generic crap.

But after that, things pick up and the individual albums sort of become different masterpieces on their own. It’s not good as music goes, maybe not even as most experimental creations go, but it is inventive and new, which was all I was looking to get out of it.

My major complaints with this endeavor were:
First, the accompanying video clips are ridiculous. They don’t make any sense, have no context, and (for the most part) aren’t even entertaining or enjoyable to look at.
Second, the breaks between songs should have been omitted. In that way, the creation would have been more novel. It wouldn’t have just been like jamming Beatles songs together; it would have been like a whole new 61-minute song. I would have liked that.

At least spend a couple minutes on it: maybe one minute at the beginning and then about 45 minutes in. Or, if you really can’t stand to listen to it at all, just read Nick Gall’s comment from July 26, 2011. Hilarious.


Still the best band at warp speed?

Tambourines and Hand Claps

Taken on Route 66. Also, the theme pic for this mix.

I made another summer mix! This is almost unheard of, that I would make two mixes per season. But when I uploaded my Travelogue mix, it got pretty excellent responses, plus I *accidentally* got all that new music, so I decided to document it all!

This one is better than my first mix. I guarantee you that you will hear songs you don’t know.

Ha! Appealing to the hipster in you!

No, but seriously, they are really amazing songs. Several of the bands are local, so I’m also kind of doing a plug for their albums, which are available… somewhere. I guess this isn’t a very good plug.

Go listen to my new mix, “Tambourines and Hand Claps: Linking-arms-and-jumping-music for a summer adventure. Music by Ari Hest,fun., and Jens Lekman.”

Tambourines and Hand Claps

Summer 2011 Playlist

Every season (which happens to roughly coincide with the quarters of the school year; imagine that) I naturally make up a new playlist. I don’t actually plan to do it; usually I just start listening to new songs about every 3 months, and then realize that the seasons have changed and I have begun a new quarter. The songs aren’t always new, either. Sometimes I rediscover an old artist or just keep waking up with the same familiar song in my head. The playlist is usually about 40 minutes long and, if I don’t rush it artificially, it takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Here is my Summer 2011 playlist so far:

Sublime – Caress Me Down
The Cat Empire – The Wine Song
Beulah – Popular Mechanics for Lovers
Talking Heads – Dream Operator
Cee Lo Green – Bright Lights Bigger City
Donovan – Super Lungs
Mika – Billy Brown
The Beach Boys – Come Go With Me
Sandi Thom – The Human Jukebox 

Taking suggestions for other songs.

And maybe I’ll post some of my past playlists…

Summer 2011 Playlist