“Rural hovel”

I cooked perfectly done green beans tonight. They are soft but also just barely squeaky-crunchy. I have no secrets; it was simply luck.

Also, this is my first 4th of July in a city. Usually, I am in my quiet, rural hovel at home. (I like the term “rural hovel.” It reminds me of a “remote hamlet.” Hence the title of this post.)

There is a lot of noise right now. I kind of wish I were a dog so I could require valium and go put my head under a pillow. Alas, I am not.

So I was thinking how excellent it would be to have some experimental electronica that incorporated those noises. On a whim, I Googled “firework music.” Unfortunately, many of the results referenced a song called “Firework” by this brunette bimbo named Katy Perry?

Anyway, I also came across this gem:

I absolutely love Handel. There’s the Messiah and all, but damn. Look at all he did.

He also composed some operas. And I think it’s pretty impressive that a lot of his music was used in Italian operas. I don’t know a ton about opera or German vs. Italian classical music, but I would bet that at that time, there were very distinct sounds from Germany and Italy. So for Handel’s music to cross that boundary and be applicable in an Italian opera is probably quite notable.

But… I wish I knew more.

So tomorrow when you’re watching fireworks, put in headphones and blast some Handel!

I hope someday I have the opportunity to view royal fireworks while an orchestra plays Handel.

Bucket list!

“Rural hovel”

Reasons I can’t fall asleep EVER

1) Can’t stop thinking

2) Can’t stop moving

3) My heart is beating too hard and too fast and it scares me

4) My mind is tired but my eyes are open

5) My eyes are tired by my brain is awake

6) Things are happening that I want to know about or be involved in

7) Too much noise

8) Too much light

9) Being uncomfortable

10) Being too cold or hot

11) Worrying

12) Being hungry

13) Add in thinking about all these things at the same time, and that will be my typical night.

Reasons I can’t fall asleep EVER