Career Path Quiz: Take 1

Today I joined the AMTA as a student, because membership is $20 and affords many of the same opportunities as professional membership, including insurance. Killer deal!

Poking around the site, I saw a Massage Therapist Career Path Quiz and decided to take it. Supposedly it’s designed to tell me my ideal workplace environment–be that home office, clinic, or cruise ship. It took about five minutes, and here are my results (which will surprise probably no one):

Your setting: Sole Practitioner/Self-Employed
Managing Your Own Massage Practice Might Fit You Best

According to your responses, you are flexible and have an interest or background in business. You have or are willing to develop strong marketing, financial and/or management skills for your massage therapy practice.

  • You enjoy your independence.
  • You may enjoy having to travel to work to see clients.
  • You would not mind having a flexible schedule: You may set your hours and be willing to take last minute clients.
  • You have great time management skills.
  • You can work without supervision or support.
  • You are a self-starter and highly organized.
  • You might be flexible with the types of clients you work with.
  • You can distinguish what your clients need from their massage session. For example, you might realize when a client requires a deep tissue massage, and you can also identify when relaxation is needed.
  • You are comfortable networking in order to stay involved within your community and build your client-base.
  • You work within the present, focus on the future and envision where you can take yourself and your practice.

I’d be interested in taking the quiz again in nine months, right around graduation, to see whether my answers have changed or my ideal work environment.

If you’d like to take the quiz, you can find it here:

Career Path Quiz: Take 1