Incidents and Accidents: tripleshot

I accidentally downloaded nearly 200 songs today. I know you don’t believe me. How could one accidentally download 200 songs?

Fair enough. I guess only about 15 of them were really by accident. But all were free. Beat that.

Anyway, you probably know how these things go: watch one YouTube video, be reminded of… that one band. Look them up on eMusic, go see if they’re in your Saved Items folder. Get preoccupied with cleaning out your saved items, then in the process, get preoccupied with organizing iTunes. In the meantime, you remember that thing you were going to look up on FrostWire, and then FrostWire tells you that they have all these immediately downloadable folk albums for free. Say wha?! You get some of those folk albums, which remind you of more stuff you had on eMusic. Then you look up that stuff on YouTube, and then you find some online software that will convert YouTube audio to downloadable MP3s. Lifesaver.

In the midst of all that, you update podcasts, subscribe to some NewsU courses, make dinner, eat chocolate, check Facebook, Tweet, write a coupla emails, do some jumpingjacks, make tea, text, and contemplate life and death.

Please tell me this sounds familiar; otherwise I’ll keep thinking I’m a freak.

Here are a few of the things that so grabbed my attention:

I don’t like the intro of this song, but once it picks up, it’s delightful. I don’t usually listen to music like this in the summer (ditching mellow electro-folk for more upbeat, dance-y things), but it’s nice for a cloudy summer afternoon.

Haven’t decided how I feel about this song, but I fiercely admire the animation.

And one more, because of the artistic, intimate portrait of the artist (literally):

And, just to complement the title:

Incidents and Accidents: tripleshot