She’s built for speed.

paul-grohl2I’m rewatching the History of Rock ‘N’ Roll series that was made for TV in 1995 and marveling at the phenomenal way art morphs over time — sometimes gracefully, sometimes forcefully, but always ceaselessly and always by necessity. I had many rites of passage in my adolescence, but two stand out: being required to learn how to change a tire before I could get my driver’s license (thanks, dad!), and watching the History of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

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She’s built for speed.

Feels like years

A few of the countless reasons I *L|O|V|E* this song:

1) It’s true, at least right now. About a week of sunny days in Olympia– rare in themselves individually; even more unheard of in a week’s company.

2) John actually sings along with the guitar part. That makes it feel like the song has been around forever, and the Beatles are just covering it, albeit lazily and with utmost casualness.

3) George wrote it. Favorite Beatle, hands down. You know you can’t argue.

4) “Here comes the sun,” they say, and then… well, you’re not sure if they say “it’s all right,” or “it’s alright.” Either way, I appreciate that they aren’t saying, “here comes the sun, f*cking FINALLY, jeezus, where the hell has it been?!” Nah. The sun is out. And it hasn’t been out for a while, and that’s totally cool. I like the unconcerned attitude The Beatles have about the weather.

5) It never gets old.

6) It’s metaphorical.

7) It’s universally appealing.

Feels like years