A New Chapter!

And so, today begins a new chapter in life!

Today I started massage school at Bodymechanics, a ~9-month program with focuses on entrepreneurship and injury healing. I’m still writing and plan to continue that through school and beyond. This journey is a few years in the making, so the inception of it is all the sweeter and I could not be more happy to take life in this new direction.

I feel the need to thank numerous people as if this is a Golden Globe speech, but really I owe my interest in this field and my ability to pursue it all to my parents, both of whom went to massage school and continue to make that knowledge part of their lives in different ways. My mom has been a practicing massage therapist for 30+ years, and my dad has been an athlete and athletic… enthusiast… for most of his life. Massage school helped both of them learn and implement self-care practices and understand the way our bodies work and what they respond to.

So I’m delighted to be following in their footsteps and seeing how to make this endeavor my own over the next nine months.

Please follow along here and, if you’re on Facebook, at my student page. And feel free to contact me for free massage if you’re in the area! :)

A New Chapter!

One thought on “A New Chapter!

  1. Jeri Sahlin says:

    Cool! Heartwarming of course and I too am excited to see what you do with the education/experience. And whatever that is or becomes, my wish is that it brings appreciation for bodies(& your own) as well as satisfaction in so many ways. I continue to learn so much….so much fun sharing this path with you! XOXO Jair

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