Listen To This: August 2015

I make monthly music playlists that rarely make it in front of other people. They used to be seasonal, but I like the more narrow approach of monthly playlists, because it’s fun to be able to see almost exactly when I discovered an artist or album. These aren’t impressive or particularly well crafted, and sometimes it’s downright embarrassing to think I thought highly enough of a song or listened to it enough to include on a playlist. But I don’t cheat at Scrabble and I don’t edit my playlists once they’re created, so what you see here is the raw accumulation of things I decided to add throughout the month.


  • Some songs are new to me; some are not. Some artists are new to me; some are not. An asterisk indicates a song that is new to me. A carrot indicates a new artist.
  • I don’t impose a length limit (min or max) on playlists.
  • These aren’t my “new faves” or even current faves, necessarily—just songs I found myself revisiting or hoped I would find myself revisiting.
  • Songs are listed in chronological order (of my discovery/rediscovery of them).
  • Sources: 95% Pandora, 3% KAOS radio, 2% people
  • May contain traces of barbershop.

August 2015:

  1. “Standing in the Grits Line” – Don Covay *^
  2. “Write about Love” – Belle and Sebastian *
    • “Every day I’m stuck in an office.”
  3. “Game Shows Touch Our Lives” – The Mountain Goats
    • “Dug up a fifth of Hood River gin. That stuff tastes like medicine/But I’ll take it/it’ll do.”
  4. “In the Mood” – The Puppini Sisters *^
    • “Don’t keep me waiting.”
  5. “Finnegan’s Wake” – Darby O’Gill ^
  6. “Navigator” – The Pogues
  7. “Creep” – Postmodern Jukebox
  8. “Kissy Kissy” – The Kills *
  9. “Rox in the Box” – The Decemberists *
    • “One, two, three”
  10. “All the Right Reasons” – The Jayhawks *
  11. “Sailin’ Shoes” – Little Feat ^
  12. “Lover Come Back” – Jewel Brown ^ w/ Louis Armstrong
    • Michelle Obama arms. Bonus “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine”.
  13. “Don’t Follow” – Alice in Chains
  14. “Low Down and Dirty” – Crooked Still
  15. “Disko Partizani” – Shantel *^
  16. “It’s You” – Vocal Spectrum
  17. “How Loud Your Heart Gets” – Lucius *
  18. “Outer Space” – John Grant *^
    • “I think you must be extraterrestrial.”
Listen To This: August 2015

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