Throbbing flowers outside

20140313_184843If you have hardwood floors in your house, and if you own a cat, and if that cat has a tendency to shed, and if the floors aren’t particularly clean, well then… rather than hearing the usual pat-pat-pat when you walk on the floors in socks, you hear a sort of muffled pffft-pffft-pffft sound from your footfalls.

It’s not a collection of dirt and grime that would crunch under your shoes; it’s just a layer of soft puffs of kitty hair.

But that just won’t do. I have a family reputation (a legacy, really) to uphold.

This being the first day in about a week that I’ve been able to breathe properly, and the second day I’ve noticed wonderful flowers in my yard, I realized it was spring. Spring means many things, but for me it summons a vague memory of one part of The Wind in the Willows where the animals come out of hibernation to dust off cobwebs and put out some fresh flowers.

It’s spring cleaning time, y’all.

(Title of this post from song below)

Throbbing flowers outside

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