I probably have around 20 half-written drafts saved in WordPress that one day, I swear, will see the light of the Internet. (I also have a book about overcoming procrastination that has been sitting in my Amazon wishlist for over three years.)

Those drafts have titles for the sake of titles—I don’t know what witticism I’ll end up with by the time I publish them, so I have placeholder phrases that attempt to convey the subject matter, for my own recollection. I guess that’s self-explanatory.

Anyway, one of those titles is “What do women want?” which is my 600-word-and-counting review of the book of the same name (which everyone should go read right now). Just below that, I have a draft called “I want impossible things,” a document that isn’t really an article, but a list of paradoxes in life.

So, there you have it. Women want impossible things, and there are lots of paradoxes in life. Paradoxes are great. Take this piece of music, for example:

Horns and dubstep? A little steel-string guitar and sick beats? yessss. It’s called glitch, or glitch-hop, and I love it because it’s mindless. I can work while listening to glitch, and yet it’s wonderfully active (not depressing or lethargic, like other instrumental music that people associate with doing homework or writing).

Glitch often remixes old music and sets it to modern beat tracks. My favorite combination is blues and dubstep, but I haven’t found very much of it. I have this weird idea that it would be fun to make with someone, and that sometime I could find some obscure, grungy, instrumental blues and then collaborate with someone who is good at making beats, and together we could make some glitchy blues.

oh, dreams.


One thought on “Paradoxiglitch

  1. John H. Sahlin says:

    paradox is ironic tautology I got something better than glitch-hop: “Miss Maybelle” by R. L. Burnside on his album “I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down”


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