Usually you’re annoyed by SNOBS, but these will brighten your day.

So you think barbershop is sung by men in straw hats and striped shirts? Something like this?

traditional barbershop quartet
photo from

With all due respect… shut up.

Listening to quartets often makes me want to do strange and ridiculous things, like marry four people at once and bear tiny harmonizing quadruplets. And I don’t even have to hear Ringmasters to want those things, because the name RINGMASTERS already makes me want them.

Also, the blonde with the crazy hair (who sings bass, incidentally) looks like he belongs in Arcade Fire.

They are Nordic Hipsters (also probably a great quartet name) and they are RINGMASTERS. You should probably look them up on YouTube. Or just keep reading.

The fact that they are Nordic should not be overlooked. After all, that regional division of the Barbershop Harmony Society is called the Society for Nordic Barbershop Singers, or SNOBS.

And I should probably reiterate that barbershop isn’t the ninja sport of a cappella singing for only men; IT IS ALSO BY AND FOR WOMEN, and we are awesome at it. Nordic and Scandinavian groups are notable in both the female and male organizations of barbershop singing. In 2005, the women’s champion quartet was Swedish (they were called Salt, and they are still my top pick for best quartet ever). And this year, the women’s international champion chorus was Swedish. They are called Ronninge Show Chorus. They are intimidating, ferocious, and unstoppable.

And here is this year’s female international champion quartet, LoveNotes:

LoveNotes has been together for something like 8 years, also known as SINCE THEY WERE ALL ABOUT 12 YEARS OLD. How inferior do you feel right now? Every time I think about it I have to look at bright lights to stop myself from crying.

I’ll leave you with this, because this is pretty much the most perfect thing I could possibly imagine:

Usually you’re annoyed by SNOBS, but these will brighten your day.

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