Universal Unity

imageToday I became an official member of the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation (OUUC). I’ve been attending OUUC for about a year, and have been working on becoming a member for nearly half that time. There is a set of classes that one must take in order to be eligible for membership. The classes touch on historical, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of both unitarianism and universalism, as well as the Olympia church specifically.

What ‘becoming a member’ means:

  • I have signed my name in the book of members dating back to 1956 or so.
  • I now have the right, responsibility, and privilege of being able to vote within the church.

What ‘becoming a member’ might possibly mean:

  • I could host a potluck every once in a while.
  • I am more likely to engage in activities that have an alignment to some aspect of social justice.
  • At some point I could get involved in yet another singing group. … or not.

What ‘becoming a member’ does not mean: 

  • I adhere to a specific set of rules, beliefs, guidelines, doctrines, or books that may or may not have been divinely written or inspired.
  • I am hereby mandated to work or act in service of or for any person(s) or deity(deities) or be called to spread any word, ‘good’ or otherwise.
  • My ability to speak my mind and propensity for doing so is threatened, endangered, curbed, or discouraged.

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