“Hey, señorita, that’s astute.”

Here is one of my favorite ideas for a specific focus that this blog could have: I post relatively current/contemporary songs by artists who would be unfamiliar to people my parents’ age, then relate those songs back to an artist with whom they would be familiar.

For example, I have long thought that Vampire Weekend sounds like Paul Simon’s Graceland era. Though my parents love Graceland and Paul Simon, they may never be exposed to Vampire Weekend. (This is a travesty, FYI. Vampire Weekend is awesome.)

So, on this hypothetical blog, I would post a song that I think embodies the spirit of V.W.’s debut album, Vampire Weekend, and I would couple it with a similar song from Graceland. I have several other examples, which are all immortalized in iTunes playlists and have not seen the light of day.

But because this is a fantastic idea, and because I would like to post something unrelated to barbershop and France, I will give you my sample of this genius idea.

I think “Gumboots” is my favorite track off of Graceland. Every song on that album is phenomenal, but I love the line, “Hey, you know, breakdowns come and breakdowns go. What are you going to do about it? That’s what I’d like to know.” I mean, WHO in the world EXCEPT Paul Simon could coherently make that sentiment into song lyrics?! Also, ‘astute’ is one of my favorite complimentary adjectives.

“Hey, señorita, that’s astute.”

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