the Louvre museum.

Don’t know why I’ve been so ensnared by Cole Porter lately.

This is pretty poor quality and I’m not a huge fan of either of them individually, but Ethel Merman and Frank Sinatra are having such a great time here. This might be from the musical “Anything Goes,” which is all phenomenal.

the Louvre museum.

One thought on “the Louvre museum.

  1. Hard not to be engaged by Porter.

    I remember this when it was on TV. A wonderful show. I like Merman. Not crazy about Sinatra. But they’re great in this – having fun as you say – and the rest of the cast is good, especially Burt Lahr … There’s a scene, you easily miss it, in which Sinatra mimics him. Really cute.

    If you live in the states, you can view the entire show here. It’s about an hour. ~

    The stage play was 1936, but this TV show aired in 1954.

    Enjoy! :-)

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