“On the other hand…”

I’m so starved for opportunities to write that apparently I will publish anything. This year for my family’s Christmas letter, we each wrote our own couple of paragraphs. My parents mentioned something about the idea of “on the other hand…” being a sort of theme for them this year. The most major development in their lives was that they moved, which was stressful but also an incredible learning experience. So this is what I wrote for my portion of the letter:

I wake up at 7 am. Shower, eat, walk eight blocks to work. It doesn’t matter if I get there at 8 am, really. It doesn’t matter if I get there by 9, either, but I usually do. Work isn’t something I dread. I’m asked when I get there whether I’ve seen the latest episode of Walking Dead or Workaholics. Yep, I say, Epic. We all exchange weekend stories at work because we’re actually interested. I say the usual: watched some movies, had a mini-adventure around Nisqually or the ocean or Seattle, went to the Unitarian Universalist church, did some target practice. Then I sit down to edit the articles that have come in for the day, news pieces about psychology and recent mental health studies, three or four of which get published per day on my company’s blog. GoodTherapy.org is an online directory of therapists and mental health professionals– ranging from art therapists to psychiatrists. After work, if it’s a Tuesday or Thursday, I attend one of the two Sweet Adelines choruses with which I’m involved. Otherwise, I walk around downtown and I write or I read or I am with friends. I cook often, because food is an important experiment.

I have been incredibly fortunate this year and have so many people to thank for that (including myself, I have learned to admit). Last year, I was the editor in chief of the student newspaper at Evergreen. One of the many superb experiences and learning opportunities I had in that position was the opportunity to travel to Israel for a week– an all-expenses-paid trip through the American Jewish Committee for students involved in campus media studies. This year, I spoke about the experience at an AJC conference in Seattle (details on my blog). I miss my parents and my dog, but I’m terribly happy to have a stable-yet-spontaneous lifestyle in Olympia and very dear friends. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. On the theme of “on the other hand,” I leave you with a lyric from my current musical obsession, a quirky band called Alt-J. “Like all good fruit, the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin.”

“On the other hand…”

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