Time Out.

To the Lewis county sheriff who let me out of an assortment of tickets that would’ve added up to ~$800, THANK YOU. My record remains pristine, even though I’m simply dense about putting my updated insurance info, tags, and registration in my car. You had no reason to take pity on me (and I’m not sure it was pity that informed your decision, anyway), but I’m so glad you did.

If I were a law enforcement officer, every second I would be questioning what it means to keep people safe, what it means to be vindictive, what it means to have the power to grant someone the luckiest day of his/her life.

You granted me a lucky day. I will never know why– whether you were in a good mood, whether you were anxious to get off your shift, whether you thought I was pretty, whether you were passing on a good deed– but I will always be grateful. Luck is not something I take for granted.

I’m starting off this year fresh. My credit cards are paid off. I have no outstanding bills for rent, cable, electric, or phone. And this was the incentive I needed to just get all the other aspects of my health and well-being squared away. I’m getting health insurance through my job in my own name. And then I’m finally getting updated car insurance and Washington registration, plates, and tags.

Thank you, sheriff whose name I didn’t catch, for giving me a non-monetary wake-up call. I appreciate you.

Time Out.

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