I thought I’d post today’s Fresh Air interview, because it’s timely– Terry Gross is talking to Regina Spektor. Not the first time I wish I were in Terry Gross’ seat, but I’m glad I’m not, because I wouldn’t be nearly as good at what she does.

Incidentally, I’d like to refer you to the book All I Did Was Ask, which is a collection of transcripts of Fresh Air interviews. Terry Gross talks to all kinds of people, from Dustin Hoffman to Samuel L. Jackson to Conan O’Brien and beyond. My mom gave me the book because of my background in journalism; she knew I would appreciate the interview style and the different types of interactions.

My favorite transcript in the book by a longshot was Terry Gross’ talk with Gene Simmons, the lead performer in KISS. Just from this interview, I think I can safely assert that Simmons is a despicable creature and Gross is an angel for having the gall to stick with their discussion. I admire her fiercely.

Apparently Simmons didn’t let NPR post the audio or transcript, but it is out there on the internet. Check it out.


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