I know at least six people in France right now. They’re probably just chillin’, speaking French and eating baguettes, drinking the best espresso ever. They’re wearing black and passing people on the street with barely a nod, using a Carte Orange to make phone calls, and smelling rainy French asphalt.

I just have to tell myself that I’ll be back sooner than I know. In the meantime, I try to pretend France doesn’t exist… but it’s more difficult to do that when I sometimes play Scrabble in French, I get asked to say things with a French accent, and I read great articles about Paris in the New York Times.

This year is delightful, and challenging in all the right ways. And I will so enjoy not feeling tied down to any particular place when it’s over. A lot can happen in a year, so I hope a great portion of my year is spent planning to return to France and parlez français again.


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