Too Much Memories

After I got done spending eleven weeks in France in the Spring of 2010, I went to Germany for a week to visit a friend. She’s French, and I met her in France, but she was living in Regensburg, Germany at the time, and had invited me to stay with her. Germany was incredible; Regensburg is in the south, near Bavaria, so many Germans who are from that area also speak Bavarian, which apparently is very different from German. It was beautiful the whole time I was there, and I was able to just sit back, relax, and spend the time like I would have if I was spending summer at home.

We piled many bodies into a tiny car, blasted Credence Clearwater Revival, and went to a lake. We went for bike rides and played volleyball. We drank beer so thick that a pint was worth a day’s meals. And, like ya do, we introduced one another to awesome YouTube videos.

This is one that Lise, my friend, showed me. Amazingly, she knew all the words and sang along impeccably.
Yeah, she’s pretty cool.

Anyway, this is Bonaparte, with “Too Much.”

(P.S. The incorrect grammar in the title bothers me too. But you get it, right? Right?!)

Too Much Memories

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