Summer music by The Givers

To be completely honest, this song gets a little annoying after about two minutes. Luckily, you can’t really tell because you’re so busy singing along. What matters is that it’s new, it’s hot, and it’s summer.

The Givers: Up Up Up

Summer music by The Givers

2 thoughts on “Summer music by The Givers

  1. you know who says:

    Love the VIBES….actually been wondering why they’re not in more bands!

    AND I like the stop motion and visuals of this and World Order…the ever increasing experience so many of us seem to be having of moments in time where things slow and the air sparkles around us, or our bodies don’t seem to move in synch with our habits, or we glimpse a dinosaur, fairy or color placed exactly where we are looking to find something else altogether….

    yes, music can be like that *** ever grateful.

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