Still the best band at warp speed?

There are many, many crazy people in this world. In some, their brand of ‘crazy’ manifests itself as genius.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the following internet gem is genius, but it certainly is innovative and imaginative. This is a mash-up of 12 Beatles albums (the UK releases), played chronologically at 800x their normal speed. It takes an hour to get through them all and, yes, I did listen to the whole thing.

What can I say? It was tempting. It’s the Beatles! And as some people in my life know, I’m hardcore dedicated to the band and all trivia associated with them. So, I had to listen.

I ate lunch, painted my nails, followed along in iTunes, and experienced this weirdness.

The first few albums were extremely difficult to get through. The songs aren’t really distinguishable and they all just sound like generic… well, generic crap.

But after that, things pick up and the individual albums sort of become different masterpieces on their own. It’s not good as music goes, maybe not even as most experimental creations go, but it is inventive and new, which was all I was looking to get out of it.

My major complaints with this endeavor were:
First, the accompanying video clips are ridiculous. They don’t make any sense, have no context, and (for the most part) aren’t even entertaining or enjoyable to look at.
Second, the breaks between songs should have been omitted. In that way, the creation would have been more novel. It wouldn’t have just been like jamming Beatles songs together; it would have been like a whole new 61-minute song. I would have liked that.

At least spend a couple minutes on it: maybe one minute at the beginning and then about 45 minutes in. Or, if you really can’t stand to listen to it at all, just read Nick Gall’s comment from July 26, 2011. Hilarious.

Still the best band at warp speed?

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