I am in such a vintage mood lately. I think I’ve even been dreaming in muted palettes. I love it! I wish life (or maybe just summer) were set in vintage tones. (FYI, in this context “vintage” means 30s-40s-50s era, not 70s, like the vintage music videos I showed.)

It’s really inspiring me to decorate my new apartment (when I get it, ugh) in a vintage style. Up until now, I’ve wanted to redecorate in a sort of woodsy nautical style, inspired by the room I occupied at my host parents’ house in Rennes, Bretagne (France). Right now (and for the past eight years of my life), the theme has been a sort of bubbly lime/aqua/blue theme, like you see in the pre-designed bedroom section at Target.

That really fit my life and my personality. In fact, in my bedroom back in Idaho, I had the walls painted a light lime green, sort of like the color of mint ice cream. Yum.

But now, I’m finding that I need something a little more sophisticated, that will really lend itself to working and being in a mindset of  getting things done, rather than reading magazines and procrastinating.

Yes, I truly believe that room décor can have an effect on that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’ve been considering the woodsy-nautical theme for quite some time now, but with my recent fascination with all things vintage, I’m coming around to the idea of doing a vintage theme.

The main problem I’ve found is that while the woodsy-nautical look is simple, clean, and minimal (ideal for me and for NOT being a hoarder), the vintage look is a bit more crowded and, like… stuff-oriented. There are definitely nautical colors, but there aren’t really vintage colors. You can’t pull of “vintage” without actually having the vintage stuff, but you can pull off a nautical look without having boats everywhere.



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