Tambourines and Hand Claps

Taken on Route 66. Also, the theme pic for this mix.

I made another summer mix! This is almost unheard of, that I would make two mixes per season. But when I uploaded my Travelogue mix, it got pretty excellent responses, plus I *accidentally* got all that new music, so I decided to document it all!

This one is better than my first mix. I guarantee you that you will hear songs you don’t know.

Ha! Appealing to the hipster in you!

No, but seriously, they are really amazing songs. Several of the bands are local, so I’m also kind of doing a plug for their albums, which are available… somewhere. I guess this isn’t a very good plug.

Go listen to my new mix, “Tambourines and Hand Claps: Linking-arms-and-jumping-music for a summer adventure. Music by Ari Hest,fun., and Jens Lekman.”

Tambourines and Hand Claps

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