Heartwarming as Hell

The most recent podcast of This American Life is about breakups of all kinds. So Ira Glass includes an interview from 1987, when a 9 year old girl was interviewed about her parents’ divorce. It’s very sweet, and for me it put words in the mouths of many of the kids of divorce. I am so lucky to have no experience in this field.

This is the transcript of the interview with the little girl: http://sites.google.com/site/profenglishprofenglish/unit2
It’s really cute, but it’s also extremely heartbreaking– especially the part where she says she talked to her counselor at school. Apparently, the counselor told her that out of the 400 kids at school, about 300 were going through (or had gone through) divorces. And that was 20 years ago! So, so sad.
You can listen to the different parts here:
Heartwarming as Hell

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