Le jour de la Bastille!

The music of “La Marseillaise” was written by Claude Joseph Rouget de L’isle in 1792. He was in Strasbourg at the time– and trust me, if ever there was the place to write a national anthem, it would be Strasbourg. It became the national anthem only three years later.

Because it’s classic (if you want, skip to 1:00 or 3:50; that’s when it gets ridiculously epic):

Just for fun:

BEST. VERSION. EVER. I hope this gets a million YouTube hits.
The guys on the left and right are priceless.
My only beef is that it needs more cowbell.

And, because apparently I’m never done with fireworks, here are some from Bastille Day in Lyon, France (I was there a little over a year ago!)

Le jour de la Bastille!

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