Tours and Triplets

So the Tour de France started yesterday! The course looks exciting. I’ve only been to three or four towns that they are cycling through, but hell, what difference does it make? I’ve seen enough to know that France is fucking gorgeous.

Here’s the route.

I can’t tell you much more about that, because I’m not very invested in the race this year. I used to watch the Tour every year with my dad, who is an avid cyclist, and I still dream of going to watch one of the mountain races with him one day. But since Lance Armstrong quit, Tyler Hamilton got busted for drugs, Alberto Contador is a douche, and Jan Ullrich is long gone, I don’t know any of the names anymore, and I’m much less invested in the whole thing.

However, I do have a way to celebrate the occasion. And I will have more music when the whole thing is over.

If you’ve never seen the movie “The Triplets of Belleville,” you should go do so now.

Watch the trailer here (the synopsis is under the video):

This movie has everything: A dog, elderly women singing, a woman tuning the spokes of a bike wheel to get the best sound from them, heartache, the mafia, some tropical beach, the Tour de France, more heartache… It’s a really haunting movie. Incredible soundtrack and animation (for all I know about animation), but it gets dark, and there is very little dialogue. Honestly, it’s a little chilling. But… it’s set in Paris. It’s the city of lights! How depressing can it be?

Well… actually, it can be intensely depressing. Especially in some neighborhoods (ahem, quartiers).

I imagine it’s difficult for a director to pull of heart-wrenching and heart-warming simultaneously, but Sylvain Chomet does so.

He also teams up with well known French director and screenwriter Jacques Tati for “L’Illusioniste,” (umm, “The Illusionist”), which is also an impressive animated film with little dialogue. But maybe I’ll cover that later.

Tours and Triplets

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