Sound Familiar?

This is something that makes me cringe and tear up a little bit just thinking about it: Some brilliant musicians have figured out that the most popular songs through history have been very simple, very repetitive, and very standard.

It feels like, as music consumers, we have been cheated out of good songs. It’s very manipulative. “They” know what we want to hear! It feels wrong…

Don’t believe me?

Told you.

But what that video leaves out is that those four chords have been around for centuries. The original one hit wonder?

Fuckin’ Pachelbel.

“Punk music is a joke; It’s really just Baroque”

I love that guy. The first time I saw that video, I had MySpace. That is a long time ago. So I’ve known about these four chord songs for years, and the music industry still gets me. But… it’s just like blues songs, right? I mean, those I, IV, V chord songs… the 12-bar blues? That’s just as repetitive, right?

That’s my rationalization for the day.

Sound Familiar?

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