EIC App Essay #2: Personal Assessment

For the Editor in Chief application, I had to write two essays. This is the second one. I thought it would be ok to post it here, because soon it will be on the Cooper Point Journal website and publicly visible anyway. Enjoy…


Regardless of my skills and previous experience, I expect and intend to be challenged by every responsibility I hold. Though I believe it’s important to have a healthy amount of confidence, I also think that the ability to recognize any situation or task as daunting enables one to self-reflect, think critically, and problem solve (in that order).

In general, I foresee that one of my biggest challenges will be developing and maintaining a relationship with the new advisor. Helping him or her familiarize himself with the organization will be very difficult, considering how long it takes for general members to understand the purpose of the organization, its goals and objectives, and the difference between the organization and the publication. I intend to make myself available to the new advisor over the summer and beginning of the year as a resource to help in whatever ways I am able. To that end, I would like to research more about the history of the organization and publication, and also come to a greater understanding of the past advisors’ role in both.

I expect that in regard to cooperpointjournal.com, one of the major challenges will be outreach for the purpose of making the general student population aware of the website and generate interest in contributing content, especially multimedia content. Hopefully, making the website available in multiple different mediums (like the iPhone app and more interfacing with social networking sites) will aid in those efforts.

As co-coordinator, I am fairly confident in my ability to organize and lead meetings, because I have been successful in doing so in the past. Leading a seminar-like discussion and consensus-based decision making session in 2010 about the future of the print edition was one of my most stressful times, but also probably my most rewarding experience as a managing editor last year. As print managing editor, someone who was intimately familiar with and involved with the production of the print edition, it was difficult to turn my attention to web, let alone support the decision of moving completely to a web publication. I had to be able to overcome my personal biases and comprehensively advocate for a solution to which most members seemed opposed.

Last year I also attended a Regional Northwest Leadership Conference in Portland, OR. That experience was fundamental to me in developing skills that have helped me manage a group of individuals, and I have been able to use those skills for the specific purpose of better organizing production of the publication. With some more concentrated efforts in focusing those skills on the website, I will be more confident in creating a workflow that works to the advantage of the publication and the individuals working on it.

EIC App Essay #2: Personal Assessment

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