EIC App Essay #1: Motivation

For the Editor in Chief application, I had to write two essays. This is the first one. I thought it would be ok to post it here, because soon it will be on the Cooper Point Journal website and publicly visible anyway. Enjoy…


The best way to articulate the many reasons I would like to hold the position of co-coordinator of the Cooper Point Journal organization and Editor in Chief of the CPJ publication is to say that I have many goals for both the organization and the publication, and I would like to see those goals through. I would like to see the organization thrive, in the sense that it has a felt presence in the community and a diverse membership. And I would like to see the publication thrive, in that it has readership and in that the community recognizes the publication’s importance as a forum for student expression and participates in that forum, using it to its full multimedia potential.

I would like to be the co-coordinator of the student group in order to better communicate with other student groups and better integrate myself personally, as well as the organization, into Student Activities. As co-coordinator, I would also like to learn more about leadership styles and techniques in order to better manage and organize membership as a whole, and better communicate with members on a more individual level.

As Editor in Chief, I would like to incorporate journalism more into the publication—not for the purpose or consideration of making the publication “professional,” but so as to recognize and journalistically represent important stories and issues on campus that affect students. To me, that means taking a more formal and organized approach to finding stories, interviewing, gathering information, and presenting the information in the most appropriate way, taking advantage of multimedia capabilities whenever possible.

In both the role of co-coordinator and Editor in Chief, it will be necessary to develop at least a decent working relationship with the new advisor of the CPJ. I would consider it my responsibility, as well as the responsibility of the other co-coordinator/ business manager to make sure that the advisor not only understands the difference between the CPJ organization and the CPJ publication, but also comprehends the necessity and reasoning behind the imminent and complete shift to a solely web-based publication.

I see great potential in cooperpointjournal.com. I would like to be able to explore not only the website’s inherent capabilities, but also our use of that potential; that is, I would like to answer the question, What can we do to best make use of our website, that also best serves and informs the Evergreen community? Furthermore, I would like to explore how better to garner an obvious, collective community interest in cooperpointjournal.com and its content.


EIC App Essay #1: Motivation

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