This ship: has sailed, is sinking.

Exhaust, n: the escape of steam or gases from the cylinder of an engine.

It happens when an engine is running. Running. As in, the engine doesn’t have to be “exhausted” (adj., tired or debilitated) to produce exhaust.

The actual exhaust emitted is steam from the used up fuel for the engine. It’s always dirty and useless. Sometimes it’s actually discolored, and most of the time it smells horrible. We usually try to protect ourselves from inhaling it just because it’s unpleasant, but it’s also hazardous to our health. Some people actually die from the fumes, if they’re in an enclosed space and the exhaust fills that space. Sometimes it’s actually a way to commit suicide.

Humans are prone to being exhausted. Physical or mental strain can cause it, as well as lack of sleep, poor dietary habits, or even simple actions. But (all jokes ignored), we don’t have exhaust pipes, nor do we have exhaust to emit from them.

… Right?


I have a playlist in my iTunes that is actually called “You SUCK.” No kidding. I have thousands, millions, of thoughts that are the byproduct of other thoughts, and which are not productive, healthy, or useful to me. They’re unpleasant and hazardous. I try to protect myself from them so they don’t taint my entire day… or life. Some are memories, some are violent, some are just negative and pessimistic.

Some are completely hopeless.

Exhaust, n: the escape of negative or hazardous practices or thoughts from the mind and soul of a person.

When you’re exhausted, it’s easy to know that you need sleep. But when you’re truly exhausted, you have to let the bad out so you can actually feel like you’re cleansed and refreshed– an alien concept to me now for so long.

“Three words that became hard to say: I and Love and You.” – The Avett Brothers

This ship: has sailed, is sinking.

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