Haunting Hemlines

I’ve never ever shared something I’ve drawn on this blog before… and it is with great trepidation that I do so now. I hardly ever draw anything and when I do, usually only one pair of eyes sees it. However, 1) I have no proof anymore that any more than one pair of eyes sees even this blog, and 2) my parents liked this sketch. So… I’m sharing it now.

I sketched this (I can’t even bring myself to say I “drew” it) in Bordeaux, watching a woman walk away from a park bench. She was wearing this magnificent fur coat (it was May in the south of France) and she was ancient. I had eyed her sitting alone on her park bench with this faraway look in her eyes, rough grey bobbed hair being tossed a bit by the wind… and I was a bit sad to see her go, actually.

Anyway, she walked away.

(c) JoSahlin, May 2010
Haunting Hemlines

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