Sugar Town

The Beatles have a song about everything. They even have a song about not letting the weather get you down.

Before I go into my spiel about being a huge proponent of not being affected by a few raindrops, let me first say that I have many, many friends and relative who get serious Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I know it’s real and I know that it’s a problem for tons of people. I know it’s clinical and there are medical treatments.

Now, barring that, I just gotta say…

Being in a bad mood because it’s rainy or cloudy or snowy, or sunny, is perfectly ridiculous.

Want to know what you’re really “SAD” about?! You’re depressed because you are realizing something over which you have absolutely no control. You have no say in whether it will be a cloudy day or a sunny one, and yet sometimes you plan your life around it. Planning your life around something over which you have no control? Really?! How does that not sound ridiculous and… even psychopathic?

Ok, ok. Some people are farmers or weathermen or… I dunno, hot air ballooners. But (and maybe it’s a generalization) I don’t think people in those professions base their hopes, fears, and emotions on the sky. “Who ever heard of a fatalistic farmer?” (attributed to Bob Dylan, from the movie “I’m Not There”).

Relax. The weather should be like the stock market. Your life doesn’t have to be determined by what happens there and you don’t need to let it get you down. Eventually it will rain on your parade, but even when it does, there are WAY more important things in life. And keeping a level head and an open heart will help you recognize all those things that are way more important.

And guess what? I have song lyrics to back myself up! Enjoy.

“You can’t keep letting it get you down, and you can’t keep dragging a dead weight around. Is it really all that much to lug around?Better run like hell when you hit the ground, when the morning comes. Let it go, this too shall pass.” – “This Too Shall Pass,” OK GO

“When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads, they might as well be dead, if the rain comes. When the sun comes, they slip into the shade, and they sip their lemonade, when the sun shines. Rain, I don’t mind. Shine, the weather’s fine. I can show you that when it starts to rain, everything’s the same. I can show you. When it rains and shines, it’s just a state of mind. Can you hear me?” – “Rain,” The Beatles

“Yesterday it rained in Tennessee, I heard it also rained in Tallahassee, but not a drop fell on little old me, ’cause I was in Sugar Town.” – “Sugar Town,” Nancy Sinatra

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.” – “My Girl,” The Temptations

“Everyone might find me foolish to not be counting on the sun.” – “Forecast,” Jason Mraz

Sugar Town

One thought on “Sugar Town

  1. […] 4) “Here comes the sun,” they say, and then… well, you’re not sure if they say “it’s all right,” or “it’s alright.” Either way, I appreciate that they aren’t saying, “here comes the sun, f*cking FINALLY, jeezus, where the hell has it been?!” Nah. The sun is out. And it hasn’t been out for a while, and that’s totally cool. I like the unconcerned attitude The Beatles have about the weather. […]

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