Updated two-week independent project idea

This is from my other blog but it fits here too…

Going to so many museums, I have made a habit of putting headphones on and listening to music on my iPod while walking and admiring it all. I find this helps with dealing with crowds and I also enjoy when there are excellent coincidences between the art and the music, like when “Lady Madonna” comes on when I walk by Munch’s “Madonna” painting (it didn’t happen to me, but how cool would that be?!).

[Side note: Does anyone think listening to an iPod in an art exhibit or museum is really wrong? I don’t know of any etiquette codes about it but I’d be interested in knowing if anyone thinks it’s a really bad idea.]

At the Louvre, I sat and looked at Eugene Delacroix’s painting “Liberty Leading the People” for a good half an hour. I had my iPod with me and I put on Coldplay’s album “Viva La Vida,” because that painting happens to be the cover artwork for that album (I knew of the painting before Coldplay used it, by the way– in fact it was one of my favorite pieces last time I went to the Louvre). It was a very interesting experience, because I was able to relate each song in the album to a different part of the painting. I have no idea if that’s how it was designed, but it gave me such a great idea for a project, which I will explain with a little background:

Ever since I saw an interview with the woman who chose the music for the movie “The Big Chill,” which is one of my favorite movies with one of the best soundtracks, I realized how great a job that would be– to fit music to a film! I have always loved designing playlists for people, themed or not. And I thought that since music is pretty essential to my enjoyment of many art exhibits and museums, it would be very fun and interesting to create playlists for a walk around a museum, or just to create ties between art pieces and songs and (to make it academic) explore the symbolism behind both.

I have looked up museums around Paris, Dijon, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Lyon, and one or two other cities that I would like to visit and try this with, so I get to explore other parts of France. This project would be in lieu of interviewing street musicians in Frnch around Paris, which seems far too daunting right now.

Updated two-week independent project idea

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