Adieu (should be French for “new beginning”)

I know this awesome girl who is going to France! She’s studying abroad for most of the trip, but for a couple weeks she’s just sort of hanging out.

For the first three weeks, she isn’t allowed to read, write, or speak any English, so she started a blog where she will only write in French, and the main purpose of it is solely to update the world about what exactly she is doing, not necessarily what she is thinking (because her rudimentary French just won’t allow for it!).

Anyway, the blog is called “Les Pièces Intimes” (sound familiar?). You can read her itinerary there and be in-the-know about what her plans are and whether or not they’re actually carried out.

If you can’t read French, just copy and paste the text into Google Translator. It has worked very well so far for me.

By the way… this girl is me :)

And I am SO excited to have this unique opportunity, and I am just astounded by how lucky I am that I get this great chance to learn so much new culture and language, and have so many meaningful experiences overseas!

I’m not sure what will become of this blog when I leave. I’m sure I will have tons to say, but I’m not taking my computer so it will be very difficult to type on my iTouch, even when I do have WiFi. Also, if I’m not allowed to write in English I don’t know how I’ll update in a way that is actually coherent in French.

But I will probably cheat and update as much as I possibly can, and when I can’t update on my actual blog I will [hopefully] save up handwritten tidbits and post them all later.

I leave my computer tomorrow night (Tuesday), so I think for now I must bid you all adieu, unless I find the time between stages of packing to type up more Flashes from this past quarter.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope to be able to tell you as much as possible as I learn and experience everything I can!

Namaste, peace, and harmony.

Adieu (should be French for “new beginning”)

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