February Flashes

On John Darnielle and Jesus and humane-ness

I now read Bible verses as if The Mountain Goats/John Darnielle are singing them. It’s not very melodic, but it helps me think lines like “Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies” are actually humane. Those make me wonder if God buries his face in his hands after requests like that and says, “OMG… fail.” Then again, I guess Psalms 60 was before Jesus came preaching LOVE, so David probably didn’t know any better. “Oh, it’s God. I’ll just ask him for some stuff, cuz it’s not like he hasn’t done enough already.”

On metaphors

No matter what, people always think metaphors are profoud. Compare some weird, obscure concept to something very real and tangible, and all of a sudden you are a genius. Watch and learn:

“the lace darkness”

“the striped bitterness”

(more later)

On my class

Imagine being in 7th grade and having that 7th grade crush. It’s so intense, and you can’t go 5 minutes without writing his (or her) name on your notebook 8 times in black sharpie. You spend all your time thinking about that person.

Then one day, you learn that you’re going to have a whole class devoted to him. You read every essay he’s ever written for a class, every piece of fanfiction, his diaries, look at every one of his doodles in notebooks.

That’s what my class is like. Worshipping these people, artists and authors of the Romantic Era, these poor people who aren’t here to defend themselves.

Here’s what Dark Romantics means to me: wanting what you can’t have, and loving it–loving being deprived of it. Loving the feeling of misery, loving having something to complain about, even if you don’t actually complain about it.

On Nietzsche

Nietsche uses music to describe his theories almost every time he was one, and it is solely for this reason that I love and respect Nietzsche. It helps me understand his writing– not to the point of being able to paraphrase his work, and possibly not even enough to be able to write about it, but enough for it to make an impression on me, which is what matters.

I love Nietzsche for his music references before it has actually made an impression. I do not love him more for confusing me or anyone else. I respect his work because I am able to adapt it for my life.

On sleep

Where is the human power source? Computers need to be plugged in all the time to keep power all the time… but we need to sleep. Why? Is there anything we can do to exist without that sleep being so necessary?

I think if we were meant to sleep, then the real purpose of sleep should be dreaming. But if we don’t remember out dreams or if we don’t find them meaningful, what is the point of sleep?

What if some other act was as rejuvenating as sleep? What if we could recharge by listening to music? Or reading? Or writing? Why isn’t spiritual rejuvenation the same as physical rejuvenation?

Furthermore, we miss things in life by sleeping.

You never know when you’re going to be influenced by something. That’s why involvement is so important. There’s a chance that you can be influenced by something  at home, especially with the internet, but why take that risk, when your chances of being influenced are exponentially greater when you leave your apartment?

By existing we live,
By living we find meaning.

February Flashes

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