A Disney retrospective… sort of.

I took piano lessons for maybe 3 or 4 years. I didn’t like it much, but maybe that’s because I thought I was supposed to hate it. (I also thought I was supposed to get braces, break my arm, and go through my parents’ divorce, just because that’s what all the other kids were going through and they were hating it. The only one I actually did was get braces. Thank God.)

After I stopped lessons, I stopped playing piano. I never stopped wanting to know how to play, but I was bored or frustrated with the process of learning. Finally, when I wanted to get back into it and learn again, I started by taking out my parents’ Joni Mitchell songbook and beginning to play “River.” I also remember trying to learn “Candle on the Water,” from Pete’s Dragon. I think I thought it would be easy, since it was a Disney movie and all. It was made for kids!

Of course, I gave up very quickly.

I’m not sure what the moral of this story is. I didn’t really have a point, and all this has done is made me want to watch Disney movies. So I’m compromising by listening to Aladdin music and wondering what my life’s worth is.

It makes me think of The Princess and the Frog, the new Disney movie with the African-American heroine, because I wish I had the soundtrack to that (it’s fantastic). But when I was watching it, all I could think about was how similar it was to countless other Disney movies. That wasn’t necessarily bad, but it did make me wonder if they just made a new Disney movie just so they could have one with an African-American main character. They did American Indian, Asian, and countless Causasian ones, but they had to fill the quota. It gives much less meaning to the story, the music, and the people behind the story.

A Disney retrospective… sort of.

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