Sometimes I have multiple windows open on my computer, including many internet ones and other programs on my computer, like iTunes. Sometimes many or all of these windows display music sites or have music-playing capabilities. Sometimes, I will forget about them, and sometimes one will somehow just randomly start playing music.

You have no idea how much joy this gives me, though occasionally it is extremely startling.

I have so much music in my iTunes that I can’t possibly listen to all of it, and I haven’t actually heard all of it. To cure myself of this, I put the entire library on shuffle most of the time. Within 10 minutes, I will stumble across something that I haven’t heard and immediately love. Who knows how I came by the music in the first place– all I know is it’s incredible that I never discovered it on my computer before.

That gives me an immense amount of joy, too.


One thought on “Happiness-makers

  1. jade says:

    like today…meye-tunes just started playing a new mantra for me as I sling-shotted down a ski hill…usually it’s JAI GURU DEVA… but today it was…
    I live for the SPIRIT i am…
    startling and miraculous. gratitude worthy***

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