“You’ve Got [a new blog entry]”

[Warning: Plot spoilers!!!]

There aren’t many movies anymore that are predictable but still as entertaining and touching as ever. If you’ve ever seen “You’ve Got Mail,” you probably saw the ending in the first five minutes, but it doesn’t matter. You still get really tense when Kathleen is mean to Joe, even when he knows who she is.

And your heartbeat still quickens when he makes so many insinuations to her relationship with “that guy you know from the internet” and we alllll know that he IS that guy!

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE that I have the exact same haircut as Meg Ryan in this movie.

Second, I LOVE the soundtrack. Harry Nilson and Randy Newman ALL the way!

But when the flirting really starts, which isn’t even until like the last 15 minutes of the movie, it is glorious. They talk about this man who she thinks she hasn’t met, and in reality he is right there. They talk about everything they’ve said online, but she thinks all these topics are new, and he knows everything they have both said.

Her interest peaks as he continues to say coincidental things, and he critiques this guy… And then they talk about their relationship as enemies, friends, or lovers, then go on their separate ways… Just after he practically tells her he loves her, makes her all confused, and tries to manipulate her into liking him better than the “other guy.”

Little does she know, of course, that later that same day he will be rounding the same corner…

Ahhh, and then there.he.is. His golden retriever, Brinkley, bounds ahead of him, and Harry Nilson sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and she starts crying, and he says “don’t cry, Shopgirl, don’t cry,” which is actually a really corny line but it works in this instance, and she says, “I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly,” which is correct grammar, so good for her.

Anyway, “You’ve Got Mail” is old. It’s ancient, in fact. It is so old that their computers do that dial-up beep-beep-beeeep-boop-boop-boop-beep-chssssshshshhcccchhhhhhskskkkkshshchhhhshschchshshhhhhh noise before logging into AOL, where a cool male voice would say, “you’ve got mail.” It is so old that people actually emailed, and knowing someone just through the internet was considered very new and different.

But now, it’s one of those movies that skipped “old” in the genre scheme and went straight to “classic.” As it should.

“You’ve Got [a new blog entry]”

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