Rallying Myself Together

This is another piece I wrote for my ex-school paper, about a rally against global warming that I went to. It might not make sense if you aren’t familiar with Northern Idaho, but here it is…


I don’t know what I expeted when I went to the rally. Maybe I pictured the scene in Across the Universe where one person is on a podium speaking to hundreds of fired-up hippies. But that won’t happen in Coeur d’ Alene. Sure, it’s a college town, and it is becoming more liberal by the decade… but it’s more likely that a mere forty people will go down to City Park on a cold Saturday in Novemer to show that they’re willing to do something about global warming.

In the end, there were about twenty people on the sidewalk, handwritten signs bobbing up and down to get the attention of the passing cars. No one honked.

It wasn’t as discouraging as it could have been. There’s some satisfaction in knowing when you’re right and other people are wrong, even if you don’t have much support. So, like the people who organized the meeting, I was just happy with the number that did show.

Then again, I might have been slightly expecting some kind of liberal underground Coeur d’Alene movement, into which I would be gratefully invited. Then, of course, I would be given all the bumper stickers and pins I wanted, free.

And when I got to college, I would fit right into the normal college atmosphere. I might even be the high school girl who was in a conservative town’s small awakening. 

As it was, though I was welcomed “warmly,” is was clear that the number of people who wanted to start saving our planet in Coeur d’Alene could reach a solid three dozen by the time I’m out of college, and these people certainly didn’t have any underground motives. All the bumper stickers and pins cost money.

But really, what would the impact be of having an underground anti-global warming club? Saving our planet doesn’t threaten anything. It’s just a little more costly, and it takes some effort from everyone. Especially Hagadone.

Rallying Myself Together

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